Wetrack AIS140 GPS Tracker RTO Approved

Wetrack AIS140 GPS Tracker RTO Approved

VTS Systems are must for buses throughout India as Government of India has also made AIS140 Certified GPS devices mandatory for all commercial buses either School buses, Corporate buses , Chartered buses, State transport buses , City buses and all other buses , without these AIS devices RTO is not going to pass annual permit to run the buses in road, these devices also have panic button for emergency.


State Transport Undertakings – Inter-city & Intra city

Private Bus Operators – Inter & Intra city

Car and Bus Taxi fleet owners or operators (incl. corporate fleets)

Rental taxis operators

Taxi hailing service providers

Self-driven car rental operators

Schools, Colleges and institutional (incl. corporate) bus operators


Gagan01 AIS140 GPS Tracker RTO Approved

Gagan01 AIS140 GPS Tracker RTO Approved

RoadPoint Limited demonstrated top of the range AIS 140 GPS Device in India, consistence gadget which can give exact and continuous following for the vehicles which are exact and solid. These GPS devices work with universal innovation and pursue the code of GAGAN (India's very own route framework) to give the exact outcomes. This GPS device is likewise precise in breaking down the driver conduct which improves the effectiveness of the whole transport framework and our AIS 140 GPS device certified by IRNSS ARAI, ICAT and DIMS.


Locate AIS140 GPS Tracker RTO Approved GPS Tracker

Locate AIS140 GPS Tracker RTO Approved GPS Tracker

AIS 140 GPS FOR PASSENGER CAR According to new regulation of Indian Government AIS 140 GPS tracker required for all the passenger car

AIS Stands for Automotive Industry Standard (AIS) 140.

Government of India is working on new policies that mandates AIS 140 standards for all commercial vehicles.

Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) has set new standards for Vehicle tracking system, surveillance system and SOS button in vehicles.

After the implementation of new standards, new as well as old vehicles will be required to be equipped with AIS certified GPS and SOS system.