GPS Tracking Software & SIM

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SKU: SP0023
Minimum Order Quantity: 10
Country Of Origin: India

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Tailor-made customer solutions

Seamlessly adapt your platform's branding and functionality to satisfy your fleet customers' needs.

Custom branding. Use your logo or your customers' logos.

Feature plugins. Add features on a per-application or per-user basis.

Data security. User-level permissions to keep customers' data safe.

Scripting. Customize and automate functionality using scripts.

Maps. Choose the built-in map or any map service you want.

  • Additional Information

    Product features:

    Live GPS tracking : location and address update with 10 seconds refresh rate, so you can never experience a lag during your tracking experience.

    Alerts and Notification : Quick Alerts in case of theft case such as ignition turn on, off and vibration of vehicle.

    Playback History : Watch full day history to see where your vehicle went. You can Watch Maximum 3 months history.

    Geo-fence : Mark office, home or any place as Geo-fence to get push notification on vehicle entry and exit from Geo-fence. This features keeps you updated for all entries and exist with timestamp.

    Daily Stats : Get Total Distance, Run Time, Idle Time, Stoppage Time, Maximum Speed and Average Speed for everyday travel of your vehicle.

    Compatibility : Compatible with Car, Bus, Truck, and Bikes.

    Login : Multiple vehicles can be tracked on a single mobile dashboard and single vehicle can be tracked on unlimited mobile devices.

    Location Share : Share location of your vehicle with family and friends without sharing the password.

    Customer Support : Quick help via WhatsApp live Chat or Call for GPS device installation and Issues.

    Language Support : Language Support is Tamil and English Only.

    OS Support : Our Device Supports Both Android and IOS devices.

    Sim Card Included : Airtel sim card with one year recharge included with the product.

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