Teltonika Temperature Monitoring GPS

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Country Of Origin: Lithuania

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Teltonika Digital temperature sensor probe is based on Dallas DS18B20 sensor. An 8 meter cable length will not require any additional wires for even the most demanding installation places. These sensors operate in wide temperature range from -55°C to 125°C. It`s a perfect monitoring solution for the following use case:

Thermostatic controls – maintain temperature near a desired set point.

Thermally sensitive systems – receive alerts when temperature enters or leaves a pre-defined value.

Consumer products – be assured that goods which you are delivering will maintain high quality

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    Scenarios Green Driving, Over Speeding detection, Jamming detection, Immobilizer, iButton detect, Virtual Odometer, Trip, Auto Geo fence

    Sleep modes Sleep, Deep Sleep

    Configuration and firmware update FOTA, FMA Configuration (USB)

    SMS Configuration, Events, DOUT control

    GPRS commands Configuration, DOUT control, Debug

    Time Synchronization GPS, NTP

    Temperature monitoring LLS 

    Ignition detection Digital Input 1, Accelerator, External Power Voltage, Sensors Accelerator

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